“Ecolife” Ltd represents water cleaning systems.

    Our company deals with design and delivery of water treatment systems for different purposes. The systems are able to clean water of any kind: municipal, surface, from artesian wells.

Avant-garde” water treatment processes:
- Automated installations of softening of water;
- Screens for removal of ferrum and manganese;
- Cartridges coarse and thin mechanical clearing;
- Installations for desalting water: a revertive osmosis, nanofiltration;
- Systems for disinfection and decontaminating of water, UV-lamp;
- Screens on the basis of absorbite for removal of chlorine, organic compounds, melioratings of taste and odour of water.

“Ecolife” offers wide range of service and equipment for water treatment:
- plants for distilled and deionized water in laboratory purposes with flow rate from 3 to 200 l/h;
- design and installation of industrial water treatment systems with required water quality and flow from 200 to 100,000 liters per hour;
- distribution and assembly of water treatment systems for central water supply in hospitals, clinics, industrial enterprises, etc;
- filters for mechanical cleaning , carbon filters, filters for iron and manganese removal;
- softeners for everyday and industrial applications;
- water disinfecting devices.

Company “Ecolife” represents water treatment systems of different firms.
We are connected with the leading manufacturers of parts for water treatment systems around the world.
We welcome you to make profitable business in Ukrainian market and are ready to study all propositions.

Postal adress:
Korolenko st. 2/15,
49000 Dnipropetrovsk,
+38(056)370-55-79, 370-55-57, 370-55-85